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Distance Learning - We Can Help with the Whole KIT and Kaboodle!

Custom lab kits fit your curriculum | Speedy, low-cost assembly | Discounted delivery direct to students

Kitting Services
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Lower overhead = lower prices. Most affordable kitting services available anywhere.

Everything You Need
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Custom Kitting is our Game!
Personalized Help & Catalog of over 20,000 products

Parts Kitting Services | New Course & Project Development Lab Supply Programs | Online or Bookstore Sales Curriculum Development

Build A Kit
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Have an Awesome Product? We Got This.

Sourcing | Kitting | Logistics | Prototyping | Design Support Website & Ecommerce Platform Development

Fulfillment Solved

Companies & Organizations

  • Lowest price kitting solutions
  • Custom packaging & labeling
  • Complete shipment flexibility
  • Build to demand/low-cost storage
  • Customer-focused personal service
Tell us about your Project

Educators & Content Creators

  • Component Sales & Kitting
  • Sourcing for new course or project
  • Lab supply & replenishment
  • Direct sales online or campus bookstore
  • Student or group discounts
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Our Mandate? Help Educate!

Eureka Leap is dedicated to serving and supporting engineering education with the highest value products and services.
We are here to serve STEM educators in all places and on all levels and platforms:

College & University professors
Community Colleges/Tech Schools
Online Course providers (MOOCs)
High Schools & Preparatory Academies
Middle School Science and Technology Programs
STEM Education
Maker Spaces & Labs
Library Programs
YouTube DIY videos
Non-profit Educational Programs & Charities

Electronic Components & Kits

The best selection of electronic components anywhere to exclusively serve the Electrical & Computer Engineering and STEM communities.